SMALL KIDS Red Fabric Face Mask - Ages 2-6

SMALL KIDS Red Fabric Face Mask - Ages 2-6
Item# MSK-KIDS-02
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Product Description

Mask Size:

Ear Loop to Ear Loop: 10" Fabric Width: 5 1/4" Height: 3 3/4"

The recommended age for this size mask is 2-6 years old (we cannot guarantee fit as all kids are different sizes).

This mask does stretch to fit

Our face masks feature 2 layers of fabric and ear loops.

There is a pocket on the inside to put a filter in.

The lining layer and filter pocket layer are both 100% Cotton. The outer layer is Poly/Spandex

This is washable and reusable

It is recommended that you wash your mask after every use. When removing your mask, DO NOT touch the outside of the mask, remove using the ear loops and immediately put in the wash.

Our masks are not medically certified. They are not certified to prevent or cure any disease. Use at your own discretion.

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